Craft is a love letter to sales.

I’ve been a seller, manager, and leader across all sizes of sales organizations. I’ve wrestled down $1,000 deals to make a number and told buyers “no” while walking away from 8-figure negotiations.

The thing that surprised me most when I first found sales was how natural the day-to-day work felt. When a seller is in flow, they’re talking, moving around, and full of energy. As sales becomes more digital, we are automating away the creativity behind the results.

Sellers’ natural medium is conversation. It’s not only how they persuade, it’s also how they get out of their own heads to think through what needs to get done. Craft enables sellers to work seamlessly through conversations. When sellers have tools to work how they work best, they can focus on doing what they do best — building relationships.

Revenue is a team sport. Teams need a shared understanding of the deal for everyone to contribute in their role. Sellers often do the invisible work of keeping teams informed and aligned as deals evolve. It adds to the infinite number of distractions that pull them away from customer relationships. Craft is a tool for sellers to manage the many moving parts of their business while improving the quality of their deals.

Deals are as unpredictable as the humans involved. Where others see flaws, we see a relentless pursuit to craft the perfect deal.

— Dare Olonoh